As it is painfully clear, owning and running multiple blogs at once is clearly a big challenge. I’m unfortunately very busy, and I believe I will only get busier as time goes on. So to get to my point, I’m looking for joint custody on allthingspokemon! :)

Some things about the person I’d like someone to help me run this blog:

  • Obviously a great understanding of Pokemon if anyone has questions
  • A deep love and appreciation for Pokemon (and that means all seasons, and even an appreciation for characters you may not be a fan of— basically don’t let it be apparent if you don’t like something about Pokemon)
  • I’d prefer the ability to make .gifs, but if not, that’s okay. 
  • Overall someone I can trust with a blog I care very much for!

If you’re interested, please send me an ask/submission and please tell me reasons you think you’d be good to help run allthingspokemon! :)

Which Pokemon X and Y starter will YOU choose?

Fennekin (Fire)

Chespin (Grass)

or Froakie (Water)


Get excited!!

Sorry for those weird reblogs, Tumblr glitch! So sorry!!! 

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Pokemon Black & White OST- Alder’s Theme

(enchanting, mystical, inspiring- Alder’s theme unleashes your inner Pokemon Master, and the understanding of the path needed to get there)